Why is this a challenge?

If you’re a Sales Director:

"This is for you if the leads your company generates are often not good, and you feel that your team should spend more time on the things that generate business. This is going to help you reach your quota, reduce stress levels.

How does this help you? 

If you’re a Salesperson:

This is going to help you spend your most valuable asset, your sales time, where it makes the most sense. You’ll save time while prospecting. You'll target only the companies that are in your target audience and have shown interest in what you have to sell.”

If you’re a Marketeer:

“This is for you if you struggle to increase your impact on the sales team. This will help you connect your marketing activities to measurable sales output.”

Many Microsoft partners are getting their clients out of their existing network. 

This approach seems fine until you want to take control of your business growth.

Now you need to pro-actively attract new ideal clients. 

This is a major challenge for many businesses. 

Business owners turn to their website to attract and convert new customers.

This is the right choice because good online presence will help you scale.  

But research shows that, on average, only 2-3% of the people that visit a website leave their contact details.

This means that, in the best case,  97% of the people will leave your website without you gaining any insight or relationship.

How do you get past this challenge?

As featured in:

Before you can convince your dream clients, you first have to find them. But simply finding them (online) can be a challenge in itself. 

Here's the good news. 

As a fail-safe, you can use software tools that identify the companies that have visited your website, similar to the tool you see in this video.

If you’re a business owner: 

“This is for you if you are tired of gaining new insights that you can’t translate into tangible actions. This is going to give you insights and, unlike other sources of knowledge, will make it easy to leverage these insights and reap the rewards instantly. It will help you make the adjustments to grow your business and increase your profit.

Only For Microsoft Partners

Get your prospects now

Identify the companies that visit your website

Know what products these companies need, and if they'll be making a purchasing decision soon.

Receive your hottest prospects through push notifications via e-mail 

*Three months subscription. After three months, agreement can be terminated without notice period or penalties.

The way it works is, when a company visits your website YourWoo identifies that specific company and the Microsoft intelligence will enable you to see if they'll be making a purchasing decision soon.

Whenever this match in data happens, you and/or your team will receive a push notification through email.

You automatically get all the information you need, to cherry-pick your dream clients from a list of companies that have been looking at your website. 

We've teamed-up with Microsoft, and combined this software with the Microsoft Cloud Ascent program.

“Cloud Ascent is a machine learning engine based on data sources both internally and externally, that creates insights for you to leverage in your marketing an sales."

- Ivan Gomez, Customer Acquisition Lead, Microsoft -